February 26, 2010

The Fishy Dish on Sarah Palin's Baby's Ear


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Even though we questioned Sarah Palin's ability to move peacefully through her in-flight labor with Trig from Dallas to Wasilla (17 hours, three stopovers) with nary a whimper back in August '08, we were too ladylike to go on record. Others were not.

In fact, some of Mrs. Pee's neighbors have been relentlessly pursuing the truth of the matter ever since. They have analyzed photographs of Triggy's first months and discovered that he seems to have a double, or not quite. By conducting an extensive ear photo analysis they have gathered proof of a baby switch, the reason for which is still unclear. Triggy's differing ear pictures should be convincing enough to be picked up by the mainstream media. Let's see how long it takes to hit the news.

Photo note: the only handy fishy dish

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February 09, 2010



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While sustaining ourselves with free doctor's office waiting room magazines (not a People in sight), we came across the hot new hotel El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas, a cluster of restored Winnebago's and spanking new yurts. Most sustainable.

Then we followed the breadcrumbs along to the architect William McDonough, who famously said "Sustainability takes forever and that's the point" ......among other things. Which led us to a lecture by McDonough at Cornell,( and, everyone knows, if he's been to Cornell, he has surely done a TED talk)

If we were in the mood, we'd summarize McDonough's lectures, but you're not in luck, so you'll have to linger and savor. After you have spent many precious minutes sustaining yourself videoly, get ready for a real letdown

Photo note: Screen door in Brooklyn that looks like it belongs on a Winnebago. Notice the shadow vehicle and the wheel twisted in chrome.

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February 05, 2010

New Beef in the Senate


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All of us here at Dakota are deeply ashamed of the abject stupidity of our fellow Massachusetts voters who "wanted change" and effected quite the opposite by electing that picture pretty truck sucker Scott Brown who cannot wait to flex his obstruction muscles in the Senate-- thus his demand to be sworn in pronto

Our esteemed senator is planning to give the people what they asked for. Just what are Republicans asking for these days? What are they thinking? They're not, according to The Daily Kos/ Research 2000 Poll of Self Identified Republicans. One might say that their views border on delusional.

O'Reilly and Rove think it's ridiculous that people really believe what they hear on Fox News. They'll give you an overview of the poll, as well a lecture and statistical analysis (from Turd Blossom - that's not a swear is it?) on internet potty mouthing.

Nate Silver, esteemed psephologist and statistician, offers a more thoughtful statistical analysis , and thinks the poll is right on.

Wonder if the Massachusetts citizens who voted for Scott Brown bothered to ask him about any of his views before they cast their ballot. Even though we were dazzled by his smile, we secretly hope he gets his weinie squashed in the centerfold before he goes on the ticket with Sarah P..

Photo note: Unhappy voter being cut off at the knees with a scythe as handsome man in a suit is sworn into office. It's hard to locate the hidden demon in the picture, isn't it? A metaphorophoto that we just happened to have lying around in the archives.

The Kos Poll in greater detail

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February 02, 2010