September 27, 2003

Washing Machine


Not every load is beautiful. This one, pink white, blue white, gray white is an everyday miracle, so familiar, so feminine, so funny.

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Pay Attention to Your Dreams

1. Dreams are dialogues about you and your life that you promised yourself when you were awake.

2. It's easier to learn things in a dream than to learn them in the school of hard knocks.

3. Dreams are one of the Great Languages of the Right Brain.

4. In your dreams you have no inhibitions.

5. In your dreams, you can have it all: you are the director, the star and the audience!

6. People's dreams are as unique as their fingerprints.

7. People can visit you in your dreams that you might overlook during the day.

8. People can visit you in your dreams who have crossed to the other side.

9. You can wake up from a bad dream and it was just a dream!

10. Karl Jung said, God speaks in dreams.

Dreams and Language
Freud's Dream Theory
Interpretation of Dreams
Who is the Dreamer Who Dreams the Dream
The Person Paradigm: Paradigm Theory, Genesis, Australian Dreaming
Senoi, Kilton Stewart and The Mystique of Dreams: Further Thoughts on an Allegory About an Allegory G. William Domhoff
Senoi Dream Theory: Myth, Scientific Method, and the Dreamwork Movement G. William Domhoff

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