May 06, 2009

Our Lot


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Okey dokey all of us here at Dakota will not look back. We will not dwell on the past, pay any attention to torturers, criminal activity in congress, those silly Israeli spy/ lobbyists or the Wall Street crooks enabled by our own Timmy Geitner.

Let us look to the future. The future of the Department of Transportation will be an excellent starting point Perhaps, dear reader, you are unfamiliar with Obama's nominee who is as visionary as he is competent. A fellow who will face no resistance in his confirmation hearings. Introducing Obama's choice, for Secretary of Transportation Roy La Hood as interviewed by The New York Times:

Roy LaHood, the secretary of transportation, is not one to toot his own horn over how much he knows about planes, trains and automobile bailouts. On the contrary. ....

“I don’t think they picked me because they thought I’d be that great a transportation person,” Mr. LaHood says with refreshing indifference as to how this admission might play if, say, he were ever to bungle a bridge collapse. But one of the astonishing things about Mr. LaHood, 63, is how limited his transportation résumé is, how little excitement he exudes on the subject (other than about high-speed rail) and how little he seems to care who knows it. So why exactly did President Obama pick this former seven-term Republican congressman from Illinois to oversee everything that moves?.....

Mr. LaHood posits a theory. “They picked me because of the bipartisan thing,” he explained, “and the Congressional thing, and the friendship thing.”.....

During his 14 years in the House, Mr. LaHood would alternately toe the Republican line (presiding over President Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings) and buck it (opposing former Speaker Newt Gingrich’s Contract With America). In the White House, Mr. Chu describes Mr. LaHood, a former junior high school social studies teacher, as a source of “fatherly advice” for Washington newcomers like himself.....

When asked if he could foresee disagreeing with the administration on anything, Mr. LaHood shrugged, and eventually shook his head. “I’ve never been passionate about any particular issue,” he said. “I’m not going to sit around agonizing. The answer is, probably not.”

What a comfort.

Photo note: low emission transportation, the only kind you're gonna see

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