April 25, 2009

Swine Flu It Is


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Just when you thought nothing could convince all of us here at Dakota to bust the big blog block, along comes a pandemic.

As you may recall, we were obsessed by flu preparedness at one point. Here's the most complete preparedness list we ever compiled. We recommend three reliable blogs, manned by professionals, Fluwiki, Effect Measure and H5N1. as well as How to Track Swine Flu Online. By the way, Twitter isn't the best way

The Pres was just tested, because a Mexican anthropolgist who attended the museum reception with him died of the swine flu.

There are some good things that might come from this. Rick Perry, the secessionist Governor of Texas. has developed a new appreciation for the federal government. The inhumane treatment of animals by agribusiness may be further vilified, because there seems to be a link to the emergence of swine flu from a hog farm in Mexico owned by Smithfield. Republican obstructionists might confirm aSecretary of Health and Human Services becasue we really need one now. There's a little time to get the incompetent Bushies out of the Center for Disease Control.

The government will let us know just when to worry

Photo note: Pig hung up in quarantine - shot in China in the Year of the Pig

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