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March 10, 2009

Showdown at the Market


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Just in case you missed the latest battle of good vs evil, we offer you the complete compendium of Jon Stewart vs.Jim Cramer , CNBC's raving stock analyst. You will now be thoroughly prepared to watch the final showdown on Thursday's Comedy Central when Mr. Cramer will be Mr.Stewart's guest.

Evil is a powerful word, but take a look at the story of Cramer's sleazy stock manipulation schemes from former Columbia Journalism Review's Mark Mitchell and affected businessman Patrick Byrne "Deep Capture". You'll have to read the whole chilling thing, a time consuming endeavor. Suffice it to say that Jim Cramer is up to his panties in muck.

Last spring, we published “The Story of Deep Capture,” which sought to explain the origins of the Deep Capture website (mission: “to bypass the ‘captured’ institutions mediating our nation’s discourse”) by way of exposing the machinations of the Cramer clique of journalists and their short selling sources.

One day after we published our story, Cramer had some kind of awakening. Whereas he had previously sought to whitewash short seller crimes, he now suddenly repeated our assertion that illegal short selling was a big problem – the same problem that precipitated the great stock market crash of 1929.

A few months later, abusive short selling was implicated by U.S. Senators, CEOs of major banks, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, respected academics, prominent law firms, current and past chairmen of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and then-Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson in the near total collapse of our financial system.

Nowadays, Cramer is even more adamant. He says he knows a lot of short sellers. He says that short sellers are destroying public companies. He says they crushed the markets and they’re going to crush America too.

These short sellers, Cramer hollers, are downright “diabolical.”

Takes one to know one.

Photo note: The only kind of market about which all of us here at Dakota can speak with authority

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