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March 04, 2009

Get It Off Your Back


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Let's face it, we have a nationwide recession on our hands, and we must do our best to be prepared.

Here are things to do if you get laid off that you might never have thought of yourself, beginning with "Keep your mouth shut. Keep your hand away from the pen. Sign nothing. Keep your thoughts to yourself. Ask questions." and take notes. Get a through physical if you suspect you're on a lay off list so that you have proof of good health when you have to switch insurance. In addition, you might want to sign up for Laid Off Camp. They're happening all over the country.

So much for unemployment. Saving money is crucial. The Boston Globe ran a Spending Smart Series which you are free to peruse. The editors chose the following savings tip for the front page "Grab sugar packets" with the admonishment "Don't overdo it". Reader Bennett Scott responded with one of his own: " Re your suggestion on your Saturday front page to grab sugar packets from restaurants to save money: I've got another tip in the same spirit. Instead of subscribing to the Globe, just get up earlier than your neighbor and take his. Just 'don't overdo it.'"

You can cut your food budget by following ot new YouTube chef Clara Cannucciari's recipes in her series "Meals from the Depression"

So smooth those accumulating worry lines that will only spoil your youthful appearance for job interviews while saving on botox injections by doing a little facial yoga.

All of us here at Dakota always aim to be positive, but, let's face it, the crime rate is up due to unemployment. Ellen Basinski and Rihanna Bond have some crime stopping tips for us.

We hope we have made your burden a little lighter.

Photo note: As seen on the street in front of the Institute For Contemporary Art In Boston-- the guy picked up his dinosaur just as we were about to shoot and we made him put it back.

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