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February 27, 2009

Off to a Flying Start


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The Republicans are doing their best to stage a comeback. Now that intellectual policy wonks of color are in fashion, Bobby Jindal is their great taupe hope. However, his response to Obama's speech on Tuesday night on behalf of Republicans left Rachel Maddow speechless, conservative George Will appalled and got Jindal forever linked to Urkel and Kenneth the Page There were those who found his tone infantilizing, and those who are desperate enough to use his speech for fund raising purposes, since the pickings are lean.

Sadly, as Republicans are wont to do, Jindal told a lie in his showcase appearance ---and he was caught. This, and his threatened refusal of stimulus funds for Louisiana may put a crack in his catapult into the 2012 Presidential race .

Even as Sarah Pee and the Dumber Plumber struggle to stay in the public eye, a new voice of conservatism is emerging. Jonathan Krohn is just thirteen now, but we can wait a few years until he's eligible. All of us here at Dakota are holding our breath.

Photo note: A flying leap with an East Asian flavor --an uncommon image in our daily life

Posted by Dakota at February 27, 2009 05:46 PM