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August 28, 2008

Thinking Darkly About Vice Presidents


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While tuning in to the DNC intermittently, and checking up on McCain's Ambien use, and personality problems, we found ourselves wondering who McCain will pick for his Vice President.

We know that neoconservative paladins Robert Novak and Karl Rove did their best to put the kybosh on Joe Lieberman -- (Hasn't he already run for that office as a democrat?)

Then we were struck by a black thought. What if he picks Cheney for Vice President

Guess who's going to Georgia to start a Cold War right after the RNC? That's according to Kevin Drum, but Vladmir Putin agrees -- and ads a little warning all his own.

Doesn't it make logical sense? We ask you, who is America's most successful war profiteer? Who has established entire industries dedicated to siphoning off the American Treasury? Handsome profits are rolling in. Why change heirophants midstream?

OMG, we can't bear to think about it.

Photo note: flag standing alone

Posted by Dakota at August 28, 2008 08:42 PM