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September 28, 2007

Far From Nature


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the moon at the other end of the beach

It's been awhile since the cliche editor here at Dakota has allowed us to publish a sunrise shot.

However, on Saturday, the tide was low and the moon still bright in the morning sky, thus making their relationship perfectly clear. You don't have to be an astronomer to observe the connection between the tides and the moon -- it's enough to stand in this spot during this season at sunrise. We just don't do it much anymore.

Removing ourselves from the wonders of nature has been devastating for the earth, its creatures and our souls.

Which brings us to the point of this entry (quite a leap here, folks) -- Pigs. Yes, pigs as something other than succulent body parts and reproductive machines. Joanna Lucas has been out in the sty at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary observing Pig Love. A short sample, but you really must read the entire thing for the full romance:

Pigs may "speak" the same emotional language as all other sentients – same desires, same hopes, same loves – but they look like us doing it – wrinkled noses, smiling lips, round cheeks, bare bellies and all – and the feeling of resemblance is probably mutual. They smile, spy, inquire, scold with their eyes, they gape in wonder, they cheat with calculated coolness, they slump in defeat, they shrug in confusion, they laugh out loud with open-mouthed enthusiasm, they play pranks, they play video games, they take showers, they get drunk given half a chance, they wallow in the mud in the best sense of the word: literally, copiously, with innocent and earthy abandon, they raise families together, swap nanny duties, sing to their babies while nursing. They sleep prodigally, and dream vividly, and they do it together, as a form of communion, communication and community building. They have favorite friends and favorite foes. They hold grudges, they forgive. They make eye contact with the clear understanding that eyes are where questions are asked, and answered. They fall in love like we do – to the exclusion of everyone else, madly, passionately, desperately in love.

All of us here at Dakota encourage you to rush outdoors and find something natural to appreciate today. For some of you that may mean descending thirty five floors and taking the trolley to the city limits where you might be lucky enough to find something natural to appreciate. Be sure to pick up all the plastic bottles you find between the milkweeds for recycling.

Photo note: Sunrise on the vista

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