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September 17, 2007

Straw Man?


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Just in case you're not quite up to speed, our stalwart President has nominated retired conservative federal judge, Michael B.Mukasey, to replace the lying Alberto Gonzales. He is a conservative who evidently feels that it's his duty to uphold the Constitiution in spite of the President's wishes. He doesn't seem to be a member of the Federalist Society either-- maybe he wasn't invited because he's an Orthodox Jew. It could have been worse.

Looseheadprop, a lawyer who writes for Firedoglake. worried that the oddly timed op-ed piece Mukasey wrote in the Wall Street Journal this summer, was a signal to W. that he'd be tough on terrorists if he were nominated for Attorney General, in spite of his decision to allow Padilla to talk to his own lawyer before he went to trial. Looseheadprop was also concerned that if a decent sort was nominated, all investigations into the abominations at the Department of Justice will be dropped by the Judiciary Committee in grateful appreciation for not appointing another incompetent criminal. Patrick Leahy was reassuring about that today, though Harry Reid was not. The revered progressive Glenn Greenwald sounds almost optimistic about Mukasey.

Addendum: Lest we get our hopes up, we're still dealing with democracy decimators

Photo note: Shot my straw man in a timely fashiion at the farm stand last weekend. The farmer told me that he still needs a mouth, and whether he gets one remains to be seen-- thus qualifying this picture as a metaphorophoto

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