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August 27, 2007

Just in Time for Labor Day Weekend


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Gonzo is gonzo, as ' twere. Lest we break out the champagne prematurely, consider that he resigned just in time for the Bushie Special - yet another recess appointment -- thus avoiding the necessity of an inconvenient congressional approval process.

And, who, pray tell, will be Bush's choice for a replacement? Rumor has it that Michael Chertoff will be stepping into the leadership role, no doubt a reward for his superior performance as Chief of Homeland Security during Katrina, his relentless protection of America from terrorists, his politically timely "gut feelings", or worse.. Just another Federalist performing his patriotic duty, which can sometimes be tricky when one holds dual citizenship.

I'd prefer James Comey -- who has about as much chance of being appointed as a snowball on Labor Day weekend.

Photo note: The American flag flies upside down in the summer sunlight amidst triangles

Addendum: Good riddance Go ahead, make an investment in good government

Posted by Dakota at August 27, 2007 11:11 PM