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June 27, 2007

Water and Plastic


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Several years ago I read a book entitled Our Stolen Future -- or The Endocrine Disruptor Process for Dummies. What impressed me most, or rather what stuck in the recesses of my addled brain, were the studies showing increasing numbers of hermaphroditic seagulls born around the Great Lakes, probably due to the faux hormonal effects of discarded plastic. Although there is controversy about the book, let's face it, what's bad for seagulls can't be all that good for humans.

And now there is "Plastic In The Ocean", the movie, which reveals that the density of plastic particles in the ocean is six times that of plankton. Just look at the contents of this albatross tummy

So guys, at least let's start drinking the tap water with greater appreciation while we still can -- consider it an honor and a privilege --- and do away with those awful plastic bottles full of Pepsi's own tap water that are contaminating the earth and costing us a fortune and a future. While we're at it, we can get ourselves a few cloth shopping bags, and try to remember to take them into the supermarket when we shop.

While we're minimizing our carbon footprints, we can lower our plastic particle counts too.

Photo note: The ocean --- looking pinkish, probably not from plastics--- surrounding Wicket's Island in the mist of sunrise. An aerial view of said island which happens to be for sale for 2. 4 million -- no house, no services, no running water, and just a short row away.

Posted by Dakota at June 27, 2007 01:28 PM