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March 13, 2007

Pigs, Golden and Otherwise


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I was wisely advised to avoid travel to China during the two weeks of Chinese New Year since many spectacles are closed for the holiday and mobs are on the move. Fortunately, all the New Year's decorations were still intact when I arrived (see lavish display above). It is the Year of the Pig, and not just any pig, the Golden kind, which cycles once every 600 years, thus making 2007 an auspicious one for birthing fortunate, if wandering, children.

Pigs prevailed -- in spite of the Shanghai market crash that happened two days after my arrival.

Happy David Chen, our delightful Guilin guide, had in hand for slow moments, the Chinese/English version of Warren Buffet's investment advice. Like many Chinese people who have only recently availed themselves of capitalistic endeavors, he was fascinated by finance. He took notes on the miracle of compound interest and the rule of seven, but was, due to cultural pig connotations, completely baffled by the phrase "Be a bull, be a bear, but never be a pig"

Speaking of never being a pig.


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Three little pigs go to market


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Pigs roasting on open fires for street snacking


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Raw pig head with ears at the Shaping Market. I did not ask the price

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