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December 13, 2006

Tom DeLay Emerges


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All of you who have missed Tom DeLay's daily presence in the news lately will be delighted to know that he now has a blog. It's all the rage, you know. As to his purpose, he tells us: " I have created this blog in order to provide Americans with a new meeting place where such opinions and viewpoints might be better shared, discussed and debated; a place where conservative and traditionalist Americans might speak truth to power and to one another."

As you can see, the meeting place idea was hot. His first entry received a bountiful response. So enthusiastic were his readers, that he had to close comments only 75 minutes after he first posted. Although the comments are no longer available on his blog, as is a tradition on the world wide web, they were captured for posterity by the vigilant -- all you have to do is scroll down.

Then the silly boy took on Ariana Huffington, who is no Gabor, even though Tom probably thinks so because she has a "foreign" accent..

If we're lucky, this will be one of those blogs that have fifteen entries and fades into oblivion, though, unlike some of us, I think he has paid staff.

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Posted by Dakota at December 13, 2006 07:50 PM