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December 13, 2006

Christmas Presents


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While trying to cram more offspring equipment into the attic earlier this year, I was inspired to dispose of my collection of Easter baskets. Of course, I couldn't just chuck them, but felt the need to offer them to staff and colleagues who might find themselves in need of twenty-year-old, 98 cent, pink yellow and green containers. Sadly, if predictably, there were no takers. However, on the way to the dumpster, an idea blossomed. Why not use them to package Christmas presents for the refusniks? And so an Easter basket theme for Christmas was conceived -- the bird pictured above is one of the small items nestled in the basket on a soft scarf, with egg-shaped soaps and chrysanthemum green tea balls that open into flowers when you pop them in your glass teapot.

But of course, I find it impossible to publish a bird picture without reminding everyone that they should be well along in their bird flu preparations by now, in addition to their holiday arrangements. If you're looking for another stocking stuffer, here's a suggestion, (which I have resisted in deference to all of my dear and close personal friends who do not wish to invite negativity into their fields). The Bird Flu Book, by William Greger M.D. comes with this recommendation from everyone's favorite epidemiologist, Revere at Effect Measure : "Good Xmas present for someone you want to educate on the subject. Or maybe just scare the shit out of." For the thrifty, It can be had on line in its entirety, so you can just email it.

Photo note: This adorable curly feathered bird ornament can be purchased at Anthropologie for $12 -- it is a wicked dustcatcher, and of no practical use whatsoever, but may soften the blow of receiving "The Bird Flu Book" raw.

Posted by Dakota at December 13, 2006 08:17 AM