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December 05, 2006



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focus in the field

I was blessed with unstructured time this afternoon which allowed me to fiddle around in the cacophany of the world wide web. It was directed fiddling, which is often more productive than free style fiddling. But I digress.

Fimoculous' picks for best blogs of 2006 was an excellent starting place. According to the proprietor, Rex Sorgatz, " A fimoculous is a micro-organism that consumes its own waste for sustenance. Fimoculli are therefore a self-perpetuating ecology. A mono-parasite, a homo-symbiosis, Fimoculous.com devours the filth expunged on the mediascape."

I picked out a few destinations to share from my internet adventure, all concerning the clever use of space. You are, of course, free to have your own adventure.

Destination #1. "An anonymous arts organization of architects, designers and urban planners, Heavy Trash creates large, disposable art objects that draw community and media attention to urban issues. By explaining a particular urban problem and suggesting a solution, Heavy Trash seeks to provoke dialogue among the residents of Los Angeles." In this project, Heavy Trash installed viewing platforms outside of gated communities (see photo album) and used them to educate the public.

Destination #2. The visual metaphor used by Denver Water Conservation.

Destination #3. The delightful visual information designs at "indexed"

Photo note: A field of -- er... I'm damned if I can remember the name of this plant -- whose leaves were used for complexion exfoliation by the Pilgrims. It took me along time to see the joke in the field, thus qualifying the series as the metaphorophotographic

Remember this?

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