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October 30, 2005



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Big Baby: See, it's not just me who likes flower pictures -- that lady wanted more.

Higher Self: Very well, then, let's try to make this an educational experience. What kind of flower is this dear?

Big Baby: Chicory. It's blue and it grows everywhere in vacant lots, in cracks in the sidewalk, along the roadside, all summer long.

Higher Self: It's simply ubiquitous.

Big Baby: (imitating our favorite, helium) Ubiqqqqqqqqqqqquitoussssssssssss.

Higher Self: When coffee is in short supply, chickory is often used as substitute or additive, even though it has no caffeine. The chicory root can be dried, roasted, ground, and brewed. Chicory is what makes New Orleans coffee so yummy.

Big Baby: So what?

Higher Self: One never knows when Starbucks might not be open. Knowing how to find your own coffee in the fields might come in handy. (soto voce) We hate to dwell on you-know-what in front of the children .

Big Baby: I HATE the taste of coffee.

Higher Self: Then you can just pick the flowers dear.

Photo note: For some reason, perhaps the light of predawn, this is a bit more luminous than one might ordinarily find in nature. Around here, we need all the luminousity we can get.

Posted by Dakota at October 30, 2005 06:33 AM