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October 29, 2005

The Pumpkins Speak, - It Is for Us to Understand


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A simple pre Halloween greeting to all of you!

If we were so inspired, we could consider the shot from a metaphorophotographic viewpoint, as well.

Three pumpkins sit prominently on a stand at the lowest level of the picture - one, particularly squat, in front of a deep shadow. The letters KR are carved on the back (just kidding). The Gourds are looking down upon the pumpkins from from above. I like to think of their expressions as disapproving, but that would probably be anthropomorphizing, rather than metamorphizing. Although it seems like the shot is loaded with triangles, it really isn't-- but it does have light, shadow and many shades of gray. And then there's quite alot of blue sky.

Interpretation: It's hard to know whether Rove and Cheney will be offically charged for their roles in the Plame outing, and indicted along with Libby. We're counting on the gourds and the blue sky, and shouting a hearty third of a Whoopie!

Photo note: This is the same stairway , last year

Posted by Dakota at October 29, 2005 06:39 AM