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October 02, 2005



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Yesterday I went to visit a real life artist photographer. His studio is right around the corner from my office, and a mutual friend suggested I meet him. He has a printer the size of a harpsichord, a wonderful eye, a generous heart and a houseful of beautiful architectual (for the moment) photographs. The corridor of his office building is right out of Raymond Chandler (see above).

I have been swimming in the sea of synchronicity for a couple of days.

On Friday, my second oldest friend and college roommate came up from Manhattan. (My oldest, though not dearest, friend will probably continue not speaking to me until well after Bush is impeached, since she is married to the right wing fascist that I attacked in the lobby of a Spanish restaurant last year, screaming the little white lie that I just contributed $5000 to the ACLU because of thinking like his. So much for truth and couth. )

In any case my CR and I visited my nutritionist, (Angel, and Proprietor of Inner Nourishment), together on Friday. There was much work to be done and undone, and we just barely squashed it into two hours. My nutritionist felt, at first, that she needed to be discreet about her consultations from above, but eventually she let it rip and had those divining rods spinning. CR felt more physically comfortable afterward, and was relieved to have been heard and respected as an expert in her own healing, and not to have to have staved off an assault by a narcissistic healer (there are far too many, especially in NYC -- just watch Oprah)

Afterwards, she wanted to visit our old quarters, which remain intact, above a Chinese restaurant in Harvard Square. (Back then, the location was both a blessing for its convenience, and a curse for its cockroaches.)

Harvard Square, especially when bestudented, is THE most impossible place to park in a city of impossible parking.

As we pulled into the Square, there was a car accident to our right. A fire truck was coming around the corner, and I had to squeeze left to let it pass. I pulled over in to a legal parking space, right in front of our destination. Glancing at the accident, CR said "This reminds me of the scene in Martha Beck's book ('Expecting Adam'), where she's pregnant, and she witnesses an accident in Harvard Square -- it's just like that!". ( I wasn't quite sure what scene CR was taking about, but think it was a big part of Martha's introduction to the woowoo. I shall have to reread it)

CR went on to have a brief flirtation with the clerk at the Coop, (a twenty five year old musician, whom we knew immediately was only cashiering for his medical insurance). CR doesn't usually allow herself brief flirtations, especially with much younger men, but this one was a singer, like herself. Besides, after you've been internally nourished, they tend to flock around you.

Leaving the Coop, we literally bumped into the youngest of my nearest and dearest, whom I hadn't seen in a month. He was headed to NYC on the Chinatown bus and walked us down the avenue for several blocks. CR is as close to an auntie that he has, as a result of my state of onlychildness. I thought that was alot of synchronicity for one day.


Yesterday there was a comment on my Avia Flu Preparedness List from Jonathan Byron, (aka " Root" over at med-owl .com)
author of "H5N1 Avian Flu Virus Therapy: Conventional and Herbal Options" as well as a list of herbal treatment possiblities, (see especially NAC) including a most important discussion of the question Do we really want to stimulate the immune system?"

Photo note: Think metaphorophotograpically. Notice that the sign at the end of the hall reads "No Exit". This is the only shot I took all day that was in focus --that doesn't happen so much anymore. I think it was meant to be published.

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