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July 13, 2005



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This is a body/spirit(s) shot. Whether the spirits are coming or going isn't clear, but, since I took the picture, I am going to assume that it is about my wish to embody my whole self, all of who I really am, and I will take it as a measure of my progress thus far.

I cannot account for the fact that there seem to be two spirits, except to say that perhaps the owner of the black PT Cruiser from whose rear view mirror the spirits dangle, needed extra automotive deodorizing,

The fact that this particular metaphorophoto uses the form of a hula dancer is interesting. Dancing the hula is an ancient spiritual practice, done by both men and women. "Every movement in hula has a specific meaning, and every expression of the dancer's hands has great significance. The movements of a dancer's body might represent certain plants, animals, and even war. For example, in imitating a shark or waving palm tree, the true hula dancer believes he or she becomes the shark or palm. " Definitely a good way to develop empathy. Maybe if we all embodied war for a short time, we could figure out a way to end them.

Christian missionaries, as is their wont, almost eradicated the hula due to it's sensual nature.

Be sure to take notice of the bluebird of happiness whizzing across the face of spirit #1.

Photo note: All of the above

Posted by Dakota at July 13, 2005 06:26 AM