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March 31, 2005

Snowdrop Dialog


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Good Enough Self: Oh god, spring is here. Are we about to be subjected to a barrage of flower photos again? Can we skip the mundane? This isn't the Westchester Garden Club site, you know.

Big Baby: Oh, but I do love rolling around in the mud under the trees, taking a hundred blurry pictures of some little bud, trying to figure out how to focus my new camera. Besides the colors are so pretty. Please, please.

Helium**: Pleeeeeeeease, Pleeeeeeease

Good Enought Self: Do you REALLY think folks can stomach yet another crocus? Try to be considerate.

Big Baby: But what about all the shut ins, the Eskimos, the Ugandans who never get to see spring flowers at all?

Heluim: Essssssssskiiiiiiimooooooozzzzzzz

Good Enough Self: Let them google "crocus" .

Big Baby: We could use this for a wedding , it's plain white.

Good Enough Self: We gave up weddings remember?

Big Baby: Pretty please with sugar and honey on top. I am very close to whining. I know how you love that. I completely gave up talking about George W. Bush, so that you don't have to live in murderous rage. Can't I have SOMETHING???

Good Enough Self: (to the reader, with exasperation ) Please bear with us through this season. Like any parent, I have to chose my battles.

Helium: Seeeeeeeeeeason

**Text note: I borrowed Helium shamelessly from the fabulous Strindberg and Helium because I decided that I could use an aspect of self just like her/him/that. A vacuous bubble gum pink aspect, filled with unabashed optimism. I have Natalie to thank for the reference, as well as for many hours of superior amusement. Just to prove the point, yesterday, simply by mentioning Helium to an energy practitioner, a constricted little knot of electrons vaporized . Heeeeeeeeeelium.

Posted by Dakota at March 31, 2005 06:13 AM