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March 20, 2005

The Bud


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I have been visiting a nutritionist. I was introduced to her by a man who had been talking about his work with her for more than a month. He asked me to contact her, so I did. She calls her practice Inner Nourishment, and has a shiny green card that looks like grass and emeralds, not unlike the green in the photo.

He described having had an experience with her that had all the qualities of a healing; white light, sense of more completeness afterward, the works. When I heard his story, I thought to myself --this is no ordinary registered dietician.

So, of course, when I talked to her (and she noted the allergies in my voice --allergies are one of her specialties), I made an appointment for myself.

Later in the week, I burst into her sweet, storefront office in a toney part of town, expecting a waiting room, and instead, walked directly into her welcoming smile. She greeted my astonished self warmly, from three feet away, offered me a water, and took a history, focusing on diseases and traumas to my body. We didn't touch the mental much, which was just as well.

All the while she chatted casually about her training which began rather traditionally, and departed mightily from the ordinary. She has moved from being a public health consultant with a specialty in diabetes, to homeopathy training, to operating in the great beyond .

Then I was hooked up to a sleek German machine, The BioMeridian , and instructed to grasp a damp diode with my left hand while she tested my systems by touching merdian points on my left hand with a probe. The readings from the probe were charted on a computer screen upon which was a graph with a wide, horizontal, green bar dividing the screen in half. If a system was functioning properly, a thin black line appeared within the confines of the little green bar.

I passed the systems lymphatic, endocrine, nervous, circulatory, soft tissue organs, and a few others with flying colors. My small and large intestines veered a quarter inch below the green band, but for a person of my advanced age, it was still impressive, I was told. And then we did allergies. The little black line dipped pathetically downward, inch by inch, until it was practically off the screen, all the while making a sad, sinking sound.

She began to experiment on screen to see what she could do, in virtual reality, to pump my sunken black line back up into green. She added virtual supplements to my on line allergies with her computer, to see if any of them would help . The usual antidotes like vitamin C and coenzyme Q-10, just didn't do the trick. We explored more homeopathic remedies and then some Bach Flower Remedies with only mildly satisfying results. Time was short, so we decided to see if she could determine what substances were the major culprits.

She started to do muscle testing, which I explained generally doesn't work for me, for some unknown reason. Undaunted, she asked me to place the print side of my right thumb in the center of my forehead, with my fingers waving outward in a na na, na na na position. Then she had me curl my fingers and twist my wrist until it was facing the ceiling . Then she had me bend my thumb at the first joint so that the thumbnail was facing my third eye. At this point I experienced a comforting relief throughout my body. It was like a bunch of keypunch cards (remember them?) nestling over the right peg and sinking into alignment. I was moved to tears. Something felt righter than it ever had. My registered dietician had just aligned my electrical system. Who knew I had one.

We had just enough time for her to read my aura, which, by the way, is blue green with lots of white light mixed in. I have magneta at the heart and a ribbon of bright yellow going from my yoni to my right shoulder (thus bringing the feminine into the world). She saw lots of bright yellow white emitting from my crown chakra. I have a large emerald at my throat. I will have to take her word for it, since the chakra around my third eye is closed, and I can't see a thing. Perhaps the powers that be thought seeing auras would interfere with my photography.

Most of my energy is located in the front of my body, the back is shut down by 25 percent. This means I'm not fully manifesting all of my potential in the world.

My second session involved testing my handful of daily supplements with the German machine. Many of them precipitate a virtual allergic reaction. We also dissolved my multi vitamin in mild vinegar water to see if it dissolved in my stomach in a timely fashion (20 minutes). It did.

Then she consulted her guides, which she felt free to do in front of me. She told me that the seed bud in my crown chakra is about to open. This would be very nice. She saw the shadow of a fourth child under my right elbow, which needs releasing. She pinpointed a little spot just under my right scapula, which I fondly call my bullet hole, for future attention.

I asked how she came upon her many gifts, noting that she had drifted a bit far from the scientific. She told me that she and her twin sister went to a Unitarian Universalist retreat for their fortieth birthday, She meditated for a week and came home with a gift. She unfortunately thought she was going crazy. However, her sister was experiencing the same phenomenon, so she decided to explore it. Hence she became a channeling registered dietician with a foot in the beyond. Really, she's just what I've been looking for.

We decided to do a lttle something with my etherial body, or maybe my astral body, one of those. By using a set of dowsing rods we determined that I had three trouble spots, that had something to do with occurrences in one or two of my six past lives. (Yes, six - I couldn't get a sense of exactly what that meant. Maybe I'm a slow learner, maybe I spent three of them as an earthworm , given all my subservient energy, or maybe I am wise beyond my years. Maybe all of that is true. )

We set out to correct those things in my body which didn't happen in this time zone, with some table work. This involved a bit of toning , (which I adore), a bit of light visualization (which is hard for me to do without the use of my third eye), and bit of energy field poofing up. And then it was the end of the hour.

She was reluctant to leave me with such an expanded field for streetwear, but her guides said I'd be okay, I just wanted to experience the feeling of having my whole self in the world. They said they'd take care of closing me up after we had a little fun. And I did.

Photo note: This is a picture of the seed bud of my crown chakra, or as close as I could come, anyway. I pulled it out last week while searching for moire, before any mention was made of seed buds. The color of the leaves is the color of her card.

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