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March 15, 2005

Internal moire


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In an attempt to rid my blog of poker and porn advertisements which I did not think would be of great interest to my readers , I have deleted Mike Levad's request to use my photo, with faux moire, in an exhibit at the
Franklin Institute
, and thus have erased the reason for my recent obsessive quest for a small shot of moire. Oh well. It has been an interesting project.

I have actually been thinking for the past few days that the painful disturbances I feel in my fascia are very moirical (as in maniacal) in nature. I imagine that my body holds energies that are crossing one another at a low angle and creating an internal dynamic pattern which is both uncomfortable and elusive. The energies aren't exactly in conflict, but they are not aligned, and the misalignment creates an entirely new set of circumstances, with a life of its own, like a moire. In my day, I have called up quite a few energies, and am probably suffering from the results of my eagerness.

If I were to name my oldest energy, the base pattern, it is probably that of subservience, subjugation . Five or six years ago, I was struck in the thigh with an excruciating bolt of pain , like Jacob , except that it happened while I was trying on shoes at Marshalls, and not on a river bank. A post modern wake up call, which sent me on a mission to relieve it. Since that time, I have called up lots of new energies, which are swirling around in my body, making moire in my fascia. It must be time to give up the subservience, and straighten things out. Would that I knew how.

Photo note: A fine example of the metaphoraphoto, rather imperfectly suggesting the the energetic patterns in my body. It is the ninety sixth photograph (of four hundred) of my sieve (memory), my seltzer bottle (armoured but bubbly inside) and my all too shimmery ribbon, on top of my washing machine (my subservience). How did you spend your weekend, Dakota? I think it has a spot of moire. I have become so fixated on capturing moire, that I have forgotten completely about composition. Thus I have several hundred unattractive pictures in my archives. All those electrons, down the drain .

Addendum: Notice the moire in the clickie for "bolt of pain"

Posted by Dakota at March 15, 2005 06:05 AM