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November 11, 2004

Going Out of the Wedding Business


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Did you notice a reference to thought forms in the email from the dedensified yesterday? Unbeknownst to me, I have been riding one with the person who writes Veiled Conceit , a snappy blog devoted entirely to the New York Times Wedding Section. It's a good thing that I've moved on to political commentary, poetry and Indigo children. I might have been devastated otherwise.

I'm planning to donate all of my entries to Veiled, as well the numerous unpublished photos that I have accumulated in my vast archives, shot with "wedding" in mind. That is, assuming that I possess the technical expertise to do anything of the kind.

Ironically, this week I heard for the first time from both a bride and a groom. Peter Stamberg and Florenz Greenberg Eisman wrote, just when I am going out of business too. (You will notice, I did not say driven out).

Perhaps Veiled has room for a stringer. Maybe the salary will be good. Maybe I'll get to cover the European scene and travel on assignment. Might as well float that thought form.

Photo note: The flower in the picture is a cosmos , blowing -- white for wedding, cosmos for thought form.

Posted by Dakota at November 11, 2004 12:05 PM