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September 27, 2004



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Isn't this punk? It is the latest in license plate holders (I fail to find it on the net, perhaps it's a custom job.) The spikes, an inch out front, will puncture your plastic bumper to the tune of several hundred dollars, as the SUV to which this aggressive little accessory is attached, attempts to parallel park behind your automobile.

If you are disturbed by the SUV owner's choice of plate holders, you could easily trace the license number and send the owner a note to that effect.

On a related topic, political bloggers made the cover of the New York Times Magazine this week. Although the article did acknowledge that Daily Kos and Atrios have a larger combined readership than the Philadelphia Inquirer, I thought they were characterized as mean. Where else will we hear about stuff like this ? Mean is a license plate holder with spikes. Mean is calling voters in North Carolina, pretending you are a survey and asking them if they knew that John McCain had a black baby out of wedlock, would the knowledge affect their vote. Good investigative reporting and telling the truth are quite another thing.

Posted by Dakota at September 27, 2004 09:40 PM