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September 24, 2004

Bye bye Belle


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Belle de Jour is moving on, jumping ship, picking up camp, throwing in the towel. And what a shame, though she will be paid handsomely for whatever she writes from now on. Being paid probably won't take the fun out of it for her, either.

Belle, for those of you who are unfamiliar with her, is a ritzy blogger call girl, based in London. Her blog is wildly popular (chosen Best Blogger by the Manchester Guardian last year), not only because her writing is so incisively insightful, but because she has chosen an interesting subject upon which to base it. Let me put it this way, her blog isn't full of flower photos.

We know that she is scrumptious , due to dialog like:

"The young man smiled (seated on bench next to her after a short verbal encounter) 'When was the last time someone told you you're gorgeous?' Belle: 'About forty minutes ago'. " There is also much focus on professional maintenence - slathering, waxing , preening, fluffing , conditioning and shopping for silky underwear , as well as the usual pursuits of the calling profession.

There is some speculation that Belle de Jour's blog is fiction. It's fun to think that a 70 year old woman , or one who weighs 300 pounds, created a heavenly experience for herself that others enjoyed and admired . Maybe Belle isn't a woman at all, she's a sensitive new age guy who is practicing identification with women, or a transsexual . In any case, I hope her bestseller will enable her to afford that personal trainer, that lipsuction, that sex change, that beautiful underwear, or that flat in Chelsea - whatever her little heart desires.

Belle's departure to hardcover leaves a terrific void in the tasteful, brilliant online erotica department. The wonderful thing about the internet is that her entire blog will float, intact, in the great v-yond, for all of us to savor at our leisure.

Aside: Yesterday, as I was lunching and blogging, a cherry tomato got the best of me, and splattered it's seed on my laptop keyboard. Now one of my letters is jammed by a tomato seed. It's the letter "i", which is most inconvenient. Perhaps it is a message from the universe to stop carrying on about myself.

Photo note: a towel picture, for throwing in the towel. I would have photographed one of my silky teddies , but I didn't have time. Later

Posted by Dakota at September 24, 2004 06:24 AM