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September 23, 2004

Hanging them out to dry

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Well, we have successfully prevented two big Muslim terrorists Tariq Ramadan and Cat Stevens , from entering the USofA. Let us ignore the fact that they have both been working for peace and mutual understanding for many years. We simply cannot have a dialog with moderate Muslims going on in this country. It's bad for the war business .

This is the beginning of demonization, actually, not exactly the beginning. Although it's happening on both sides. Have you noticed how much more golem-like the caricatures of W have become? While we're at it, Here's the best of today's press conference from Atrios -perhaps the reason they are soooooo infrequent.

Speaking of the war business , this attractive poster, which, at first sight, seems to be a parody, is available at www.Metrospy.com, under promilitary posters, for only $5.99.
The fine print reads, "pansies, hippies, dirt bags and freaks, shut up and stay out of the way" Moi?. That poster boy, who's supposed to be on our side (I think), doesn't look exactly clean cut to me.

Photo note: To hang someone out to dry, means to defeat, convict or throw the book at at that person, and, wouldn't you know, I had a picture in the archives.

Posted by Dakota at September 23, 2004 06:15 AM