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September 16, 2004



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The temptation here is to vent political vindictiveness. Isn't this photo just longing to be exploited for bushy associations?. Black, bent bridge, reflected on an SUV with a fine veil of dirt that's hard to see at first glance. And the deep meaning of the windshield wiper that can never eradicate the shadow. You see the temptations.

But, I have resisted , and will go on to matters of the spirit. Weather forecast: partly sunny with some relief from the angry heat of last week. Storms have passed due to somewhat successful, intentional focus on beauty and light .

My liver cleanse according to my tui na practitioner, has evened out my pulses, The obstinate organ remains the same. I think my pulses are even due to caffeine abstinence.

I have spent my week swilling flaxseed oil and diluted cranberry juice . I have learned to tolerate flaxseeds floating in my drinks and have added 1 teaspoon of cinnamon to my daily.

HEALTH NOTE: I am told, via the grapevine, that a local HMO is recommending 2 capsules of turmeric and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon a day to diabetics. Cinnamon lowers both blood sugar and cholesterol. I forget what the turmeric is for, but, believe me, it was an item on everyone's to-do body list.

Taking a teaspoon of cinnamon turns out to be quite a challenge for the carbodeprived, since it's finest vehicle, wholewheat toast with butter, is completely out of the question. The darn stuff floats atop drinks, doesn't dissolve, and clumps in spoon- sized piles of powder that stick in the craw, causing the aspiration of clouds of medicinal spice. If you do manage to get it into the oral cavity, it adheres unpleasantly to the teeth , adding flavor to everything you eat for the next hour.

The herbal product world is still dropping their cinnamon into soap and tea, so it is not yet available in pure, costly capsule form. I am told I could make my own capsules, but I don't have a full evening by the fire to do so in the next few weeks. If anyone is interested in encapsulating cinnamon, please let me know, there's room for business development here.

Oh, and my shin splints from hell. Isn't this just what you hate about blogs? Buttoning lip .

Photo note: see paragraph one.

Posted by Dakota at September 16, 2004 06:30 AM