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September 13, 2004

The Perfect Costume


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And here we see Dexter's Grist Mill built in 1654, restored in 1961, where you can buy fresh milled cornmeal (if you weren't cleansing your liver ).

And look who passed by in perfect costume at the perfect moment? An Amish tourist, ruining only part of the effect with papers in her purse and a digital . The digital could pass for an apple, but the papers are prominent. I don't think women in 1654 carried paper. This is when it would pay to know a little more about photoshop. Perhaps if I erased the papers, I would eliminate the irony .

I sat with someone last week who felt quite violated by an acquaintance visiting her house, whipping out her digital and taking pictures . I must watch that inclination in myself.

The aforementioned photographer takes pictures of everything in her life as it rolls along, and then has them all developed, professionally, and puts them into albums. Let me know when I get that crazy.

Posted by Dakota at September 13, 2004 07:10 AM