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September 05, 2004

Liberty trunkated


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How does a lie float? If you are interested in that question, there is a documentary film at your local art house that illuminates the process. It was chilling. "The Hunting of the President" does something we don't see much anymore, investigative reporting. It exposes the exploitation of the press by neoconservatives, and the inexcusable complicity of the journalistic community (that is, the independent journalistic community who are not required to dumb down and mouth corporate interests like Fox Propaganda and Pulp).

The movie is about the smearing of the Clintons. In case noone noticed, eighty million taxpayer dollars were spent doing the deed. The neocons really didn't get their money's worth. While Ken Starr is the villian of the piece, the movie shows the machinations of the .Smear Machine It traces the Whitewater lie, it's the origins in jealousy, the exploitation of the mentally ill (James MeDougal), and the unforgiveable, unquestioning, complicity of the press in the process.

Susan McDougal , by the way, is the real heroine of the piece. Because she refused to lie under enormous pressure, she went to jail for two years. In jail, she was forced to wear a red uniform. The only prisoners required to wear red uniforms are mothers who murder their children and child molesters (What an inhumane practice!), thus identifying them in the prison community as legitimate targets for scapegoating. This was a little extra deliberate persecution of Susan McDougal for not acquiesing to the Smear Machine .

Bill Clinton's sexual exploits are even more baffling, since he knew the extent of the conspiracy against him, and could not afford casual dicky dunking under the circumstances. When Hillary tried to confront the conspiracy, she was made to look paranoid .

Guess what folks, The Little Smear Machine is still in top operating condition, as we can see from the Swift Boat Lie Float, which worked beautifully, flapping out there like a real American flag for twenty days before there was any questioning by the media. Here's another good example. Actually George HW revived it again last week.

The Smear Machine got Max Cleland and John McCain . Are we noticing that "trial lawyer" is becoming a dirty word, just like ACLU member?

Where, pray tell are the facts about W's service records? The facts about his addictions? The facts about his family's financial interests? As he said in his acceptance speech, he does have a few flaws. Let's elaborate.

By the way, there is no liberal press. Maybe they're worried about the Smear Machine going after them .

Photonote: I just happened to come across a large carving, cut in half, (how were they ever going to transport it otherwise?) of two American Eagles perched on tree trunks, sawed apart and strapped to a trailer in a driveway. You tell me if here's any symbolism involved .


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Posted by Dakota at September 5, 2004 10:46 PM