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September 01, 2004

Juicy tidbits from the Times style section


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Although I have only had time to skim the Wedding Section, and I am trying to keep my vow to refocus on the profound, I did gleen a few mentionable tidbits.

Deborah Hull and Nathaniel Koren, son of Ed Koren, the New Yorker cartoonist, married. He is woodsy and whimsical. He spotted her at a party wearing a red sundress and inquired of his hostess, "Who's that over there wearing those big boots?" It was Ms. Hull, a modern dancer specializing in awkward movement. She eluded Mr. Koren's overtures, until she saw him coiling rope. Ah, competence, or perhaps, it was the spiral. The whimsical part is: " The bridegroom wrote his own vows, which no one but the bride heard. Like a child telling a secret, he whispered them in her ear. " Their children will have lots of whimsical genes.

Michelle Iva Hlubinka (she uses her family's original name, not their adopted name, Thomas, probably because Hlubinka is so yummy on the net) married Robert Alec Cook. [Googlestat: Michelle Thomas has two million, nine hundred and sixty thousand entries when googled] Robert Alec Cook has the same problem, ,as a name, that is. His presence on the net was, let us say, dilute. We are told by the Section that he is 39, and the director of the local office of Applied Minds.

Though the couple crossed paths casually at Yale, and around San Francisco, like strands of DNA , they were not yet ripe for the revelation. It happened at Burning Man . They crossed paths once again, biked together through the sculptures and, in the evening, entered an installation, which was a windsock, seven feet tall and thirty feet long. Mr. Cooke recalled, "It was painted in psychedelic colors, illuminated by black light, and mellow electronic music was playing inside."

"It was like being in a hallucination", he said. "The walls are waving, and your frame of reference is off." As he watched Ms. Hlubinka crouching in the tunnel, he said, "It was as if I was looking forward into the future and I saw her."

Now this is a story that warms the heart of the photosymbolist.

While we're on the subject, you might want to consider Getting Married at Burning Man

Photo note: Just a pretty picture of pretty white flowers for a change, vanilla wedding flavor.

Posted by Dakota at September 1, 2004 06:54 AM