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August 20, 2004

More concentric circles with triangles


This is a sprinkler, sprinkling at dawn. See that blade of crab grass on the left? (Lest you think I have been in outer space ). You probably think that anyway....and it's not as if I feel resistant to the idea .

I am told by a compatriot, that it is important to count the spokes around the circle. There are twelve . I could google that, but then I have to sort through 41,00 entries. Here's where it pays to fraternize with a mystic . I can just ask why.

I have skipped the "larger view" feature here, since it would only expose my photographic inadequacies. Suffice it to say that I do not carry my tripod with me on my morning constitutional. I already arouse enough suspicion taking pictures of roadkill at 5 AM.

I am impressed that I know what to do to improve this shot. When shooting in the dark, the aperature of the camera has to stay open a long time, and my hand, while steady, shakes just enough over a long exposure to cause blurriness. A tripod doesn't quiver, except in an earthquake, and then that's probably the effect you would be cultlivating.

I learned all this by photographing fireworks most unsuccessfully, not by reading. If I had a real camera, I would have had to absorb this information, and then waste many rolls of film experimenting. That's why I only took four pictures with a real camera in my life before digital.

Photo note: see above

Posted by Dakota at August 20, 2004 11:37 AM