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May 28, 2004

Off to The Cot by the Sea


I am heading out to the cottage for Memorial Day weekend today. Tomorrow at this time, I will hopefully be sucking up vistas at sunrise with my trusty Canon. Not that I don't have enough sunrises in my archives to crash a hard disc, but, like polar fleece jackets , I always think that I need another one, whenever I see one. Greedy girl. At least I don't have to take digital photographs to the Goodwill . They're only electrons.

In any case, this will be my first foray from homebase with my new laptop. If there are no entries for the next several days it will mean:

. I have dropped my laptop while unloading the car
. My laptop has sand in it, and needs vacuuming
. There are no unlocked wireless internet connections at the beach
. There are unlocked wireless internet connections at the beach and I forgot how to connect to them when I found them.
. The Heart of the Village Coffee Shop, miraculously not a Starbucks, which has an internet connection, doesn't have a wireless internet connection.
. I will not have the presence of mind, amidst all the goings on, to think
. I will not have the privacy necessary to call forth the muse
. I will be having such a good time romping in the sun and surf, that I will have momentarily forgotten my duties as a blogger.

I do hope the weather clears up. There is nothing more depressing than rainy days at the beach-- the cold, dank sheets, the soggy snacks, and the mold spores wafting up the nostrils. I am looking forward to fondling my armadillo , having only one bottle of catsup, mustard, mayo and horseradish in my frig at home, the splendor of the dwarf Japanese iris which should be in bloom, and spending time with my sweeties, preferably astride bicycles.

Photo note: A portrait of the Cot looking significantly more elegant than it really is. Suffusion with light is everything.

Posted by Dakota at May 28, 2004 06:35 AM