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May 16, 2004

If It's a Wedding Page Summary, It Must Be Sunday


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Someone who was searching on the web for "les foufous man" landed here yesterday. Goodness. When I googled "les foufous man" many French sites appeared, but I couldn't find a translation for "foufous" in the French-English dictionary . The following is simply another good example of foufous .

Well, featured in this Sunday"s New York Times is the wedding of Susan Arbetter , a talk show host for public radio in Albany, with a voice with which to fall in love , married William Danielson , Nordic giant and former forest ranger, who now teaches high school history and biology. He is the author of "Speaking of Nature" and had (this touched my heart) a quiet Bachelor Bird Walk in lieu of a more traditional rowdy event.

When Mr. Danielson accompanied his $50 pledge to his local public radio station (another heartwarmer) with a dinner invitation to Ms. Arbetter, who was celebrating her birthday during the fund drive, she had to refuse because she was otherwise romantically involved.

Undaunted, he sent his book to her, and, fatefully, it popped out of her pile (note: a cute cover pays off, see clickie). Since she hosts a three-hour, daily show, and is always searching for guests, she invited Mr. Danielson to be hers, so to speak. It was instant attraction, on the air. We are told that there was so much giggling, that Ms. Arbetter's cohost felt it necessary to intervene.

Their featured photograph is shot from the back, and shows them both wearing Viking helmets , the Brunhilda kind, with horns, (hers has a veil, in addition) in honor of his Nordic roots. In the background, on the left you can see that all of the guests at one table, no doubt his clan, are also wearing Viking regalia . Predictably, much hilarity was inspired by the horns.

Here's the differentiation part. He's an enthusiatic outdoorsman, she's a girl, after my own heart, who has to be in a place where she can plug in her hairdryer. Their first, bare bones, trial, camping trip lasted four hours, due to bugs, scary noises and, I suspect, pluglessness. She has vowed to go camping with him annually, he has, in turn, promised to "protect his bride from' all insects, great and small' ".

Observations in the rest of the Section.

An inordinate number of doctors and doctors-to-be married one another this week. Perhaps they are taking advantage of the teeny break they have between medical school and internship or internship and residency.

There were no gay weddings this week, everyone is waiting until tomorrow. In anticipation of same-sex marriage becoming legal in Massachusetts May 17, James Barron wrote a piece on the linguistics of marriage to a same-sex partner. I hope that there will be another "first" in the Section next Sunday --a same-sex Featured Couple. Stay tuned.

Lastly, another couple is reported to have survived a "challenge" during their courtship. "Ms. Grava's dog ate Mr. Lubys' hearing aid, which he had left on a table while he was visiting her." I hope they were both insured .

The wedding season is coming to it's peak. My coverage is getting sloppy, because there are too many ceremonies to sift through this time of year.

Photo note: Having run out of spectacular wedding cakes , I am feeling free to use my most sappy flower shots. Actually I took several weddingy pictures this week, but someone unplugged my dazzle (as well as my sound) and I have no way to transfer them out of my camera.

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