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May 15, 2004



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I did it. I am the proud owner of a Toshiba laptop which will enable me to blog even in places where I cannot plug in my hairdryer. I have been obsessing for a few months about this, ever since my Journey to the Wild Divine arrived, and had no place to explore it's mysteries at my house.

Now I will have to spend time and money at Starbucks and learn the etiquette of plugging in appropriately and/or positioning myself in wireless waves, since I haven't figured out how to plug in my own wireless adapter yet.

Caught up in technofury, I also got a new cellphone to replace the one I bought for my mother six years ago when she broke her hip and was temporairily admitted to a nursing home/ "rehabilitation" facility where patients answered the phone at the nurse's station after it rang 50 times, and fragile, demented souls were found inadvertantly locked in broom closets where they had wandered.

She never figured out how to use the darn thing, but at least her round-the-clock, private duty nurses could answer a call and put her on. (I am sure that patients without family or advocates at their sides 24/7 died in that place. When I called to report the facility to the state, there were already 200 complaints filed. It closed.)

My mother gave me the cell phone back to me for Christmas that year. Its LCD screen no longer lights up. That's okay, I know how to dial numbers without a display, because I have been making calls on a regular phone all my life. I just wanted a new one that would ring like fairy dust descending, like Chopin, like temple bells. Since that feature isn't built into my new instrument, I see that I have inadvertantly given myself a new technological challenge.

My laptop doesn't seem to have a word processing program either.

Many manuals challenge
attention deficeits

Excited anticipation
overrides anxiety

builds competence

Photo note: I don't know-- it had that slightly techie look, the light, the bent light, and the brick wall.

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