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May 15, 2004

My May Ladies Group


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All five fledgling shamanettes were there this month, and we added a new member.

We did a little processing about the energies each of us are trying to transform in ourselves .. a nice variety including betrayal, abandonment, neglect, intrusion, and victim/perpetrator.

Our leader shared her dream about George W. or Cheney sitting in a circle of goddess energy. Through some mystical means (initiated by the goddesses... of course I can't remember the exact details), he realized what he had been doing, and melted with horror and regret, heaving great sobs, as he faced reality. The goddesses were there to help him in his healing, naturally.

Because I am working to transform victim/perpetrator energy within myself at the moment, nay, my whole life, I did not find myself in such a charitable resonance. The week's goings on have, instead, aroused my wish to retaliate.

As a somatizer, I felt this twisted stagnant energy/repression as pain in my right side ( yin or yang , I can never remember). It originates in my right shoulder and jaw and radiates up my neck and halfway across my back and down my arms. It also makes quite an ungodly noise, like someone turning an unoiled, rusted wheel, while simultaneously scraping the black board with fingernails. When it was my turn, we worked with the tenacious little devil . Although that part of myself wasn't completely transformed, I did feel a little more playful about it. I was reminded that it's a slow process, and it may take some time to fluff this one up.

We did other fourth dimensional healings and hashed out some conflicts between third dimensional schedules and fourth dimensional timelessness.

Although the Tibetans and the Indians seemed to be missing this month, (what do I know, they may have been there for me and I just wasn't paying attention), the angels definitely arrived in at the end for a welcomed heavenly chorus.

As one of us commented, it isn't exactly a bridge club.

Photo note: There is tenant in the "Heaven" building, where my Ladies Group meets, who makes little rock arrangements and artfully places them around the premises. This particular rocky duo is in the corner of the third floor deck. Getting a seventy five pound rock up the stairs was no mean feat. I found it perfectly primordial , befitting my Ladies Group.

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