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May 14, 2004

From Another Angle


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As a photographer, of sorts, I always appreciate it when my passers-by wear something that improves the shot. In this case, our adorable pregnant woman chose pink instead of ......I would have preferred, either acid green or some shade of blue.

Have you noticed that I hardly ever take photos of people? I just had the thought that, photographically speaking I treat people like objects . As if their wardrobe is my only concern, not their spirit. I can do that without deadly consequences. That's why taking pictures (in my case) is called a hobby.

When humans are objectified, it is easy to send them to war, to call them names like "geek", to torture them, and to kill them. I try to limit my objectifying activity to wardrobe criticism.

The real reason that I don't photograph people is because, no matter what race or ethnicity, their skin almost always turns out some shade of vivid orange. (Perhaps if I read my camera instructions, I could correct that problem). In addition, I have very little sense of the emotional body , and I cannot capture it on film yet.

Family of Man 2

The other angle

A very good picture of the emotional body in case you missed it the first time

Posted by Dakota at May 14, 2004 07:48 PM