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May 12, 2004



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A slow morning. I have a persistant pain in the neck. Whatever could I be expressing somatically that I am not blogging about? Beheadings? I guess they showed us. What will we do to show them back?

I took a muscle relaxant last night because my neck was killing me. It has relaxed my acumen, rather than my muscles. I bought it on-line without a prescription when I had such terrible fascial pain, just to give it a try. Recently, someone asked me for the name of the pharmacy I used, and, when I looked up the pharmacy, it had been shut down by the Feds. Nice to see that they're doing their jobs.

It is a little shocking to see just what you can buy on-line without a prescription. Tranquilizers like Klonopin and Librium, sleeping medications like Sonata, pain killers. A person could get habituated .

See, all I'm good for today is fact dumping and a pretty picture, and hardly even that.

Posted by Dakota at May 12, 2004 07:07 AM