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May 08, 2004



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I spent the evening at a delightful amateur theatricale, half of which was devoted to scenes from "Beyond Therapy" a play by Christopher Durang . (If and when you follow this hypertext highway, do not miss "click on Liv Ulmann having a nervous breakdown".)

One of my dear and close personal friends played a perfect cad of a therapist; a narcissist, complete with gold chains. It was all the more amusing because he is a therapist in real life, and was forcibly scripted to say a few things that he otherwise would have had to repress, that is, if he ever thought them in the first place.

In any case, the theatricale was held in the Hunt Room of October Farm, which still houses a hunt on occasion - no fox these days, just mink musk drippings dragged before the hounds (that was what I was told, but the internet contradicts ). The main house was built in 1744 and has been delightfully preserved. The grounds are luscious, clearly tended by someone devoted to gardening. Needless to say, I took a few pictures.

Unfortunately, I arrived just a dusk, without my tripod (which I never use, but should) and many of my photos are blurry. I actually wanted to take gombs of photos in the house, but it felt a bit intrusive, even though our hosts were encouraging. I also missed a few great shots because I was unwilling to roll on the grass in my good linen.

gifts for fox hunters" do not miss the fox hunt mouse pad.

Posted by Dakota at May 8, 2004 05:59 AM