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May 02, 2004

The Wedding Section Recap


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I know you're wondering about this week's wedding. Miriam Longchamp and Chris Rowley are the featured couple. She is an ivy-educated, New York corporate lawyer and he is the road manager for Roxy Music based in London.

They met in Antarctica Both had signed up for a group tour on a Russian icebreaker. Right away, you know they have something in common.

Here's a quote from the bride's sister "She would talk about dates she went on and say, `People can't handle me because I act like a white man [she is a black woman]. I walk into a room and act like I own it, and they can't handle that. ' Chris was one of the first people who wasn't intimidated."

We are also told that the bride, as a child, wanted to be the first female pope. That makes up for her lack of tattoos, as far as I'm concerned. Not a bad follow up to the triple goddess, Padma P. Lakshmi Rushdie.

From a new little post-nuptial followup feature called "State of the Union", "Mr. Russom has planted a garden full of roses, herbs and weeping cherry trees. The family (2 kids 5 and 10) has a candlelight sit-down dinner every night. Mr Russom does all the cooking, serving meals like braised rabbit, porcini mushroom tart and homemade ice cream with lavender honey and rosewater. `My creativity (he's a painter) gravitated to home.' he said. After dinner, they sometimes sit in the jasmine scented garden, identifying stars." They also belong to a marriage group, sort of like a book group, but it meets over potluck to discuss "subjects like sex, finances , infidelity, careers and raising children". Goodness, who wouldn't stay married to a guy like that.

One more piece of bridal miscellany that I stumbled across this week -prewedding mistakes - forewarned is forearmed.

Photo note: This is about as bridal as a fence can be. It could also pass for Antarctic. I ran out of wedding cakes.

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