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May 02, 2004

And in Third Place


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This is the third runner-up in the narcissism entry photo contest. It has that Ayn Rand , Howard Roark , Fountainhead feeling.

That last clickie was a Cliff Note. I find it a comfort that Cliff Notes are not only still around, but available on line. That makes it so easy to seem erudite - not like in the old days, when you had to go to the bookstore to buy that little black and yellow striped savior, and then read it.

Whatever happened to the philosopher/novelist anyway? Sartre, de Beauvoir, Kafka, Camus, Hesse, Huxley, even Iris Murdoch (I wonder if she was channelling?). Just posed this virtual question to my friendly search engine, and Thomas Pynchon, Walker Piercy and John Barth popped up, I guess the genre is still around. I will leave it to you to google the list.

There are certainly philosopher bloggers , and novelist bloggers . There are photographer bloggers, I wonder if there are photographer philosophers? I guess a girl could give it a try now that Cliff Notes are on line -- that is, if she had the attention span.

Posted by Dakota at May 2, 2004 10:23 PM