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April 25, 2004

Today's Weddings


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Why I feel compelled to write about this, we will never know. Avoiding sadistic rage, no doubt.

Today's New York Times Wedding Section had one or two interesting foufous, which, as it's chronicler, I must reponsibly pass on.

First, Salman Rushdie married for the fourth time, an Indian actress, model, Italian TV host and lowfat Indian cookbook author, Padma Parvati Lakshmi. We should only count this as his third marriage, since living in hiding due to the fatwah must have strained his prior relationship significantly.

He has chosen a beauty this time. "Miss Lakshmi wore a two-piece purple sari that left her torso bared from the sternum to well below her navel." [I don't think they mean bare breasted , but one never knows] "So dazzling was her appearance that it caused an explosion of cheers and wolf whistles...Nearly convulsed with laughter as she walked down the aisle, the bride swatted the heads of several guests with her hyacinth bouquet." The photo also shows sequined eyebrows, hennaed palms (another tattooed bride ) and his-and-her leis.

ppl.jpg Padma P Lakshmi

"The bridegroom noted that each of his new wife's three names was shared by powerful Hindu dieties. 'Three godesses in one', he concluded 'How could I pass this up, even if I am an aethist?'"

A seafood curry, from the bride's lowfat cookbook, was served.

More conventionally, Jack Welch and Suzy Wetlaufer also tied the knot. Big time May-December. The Times says "The bride and bridgroom met in October 2001. That year Ms. Wetlaufer interviewed Mr. Welch for her magazine [The Harvard Business Review]. The relationship that developed from that collaboration resluted (my cute typo), resulted in Ms. Wetlaufer's resignation from the business review and became an issue in his subsequent divorce." This is Wedding Section coverage at it's finest.

This week there were only two brides in their veil regalia. The rest were couples snuggling cheek to cheek, with and without the breeze in their hair. Only one gay couple -- just wait until May 17. When there is a photo of a gay couple, the parties are always identified by name and placement -- Mr. Green (right). Sometimes they need to do that with the straight couples too.

Photo note: Just another excuse to post a wedding cake. Someone mentioned that a wedding cake was as impermanent as the idealization period of a marriage, as well as symbolic cannibalism what with that little bride and groom on top. It's too late in the evening to hypertext, forgive me.

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