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April 25, 2004

Finishing off Providence

IMG_0100_240.jpg IMG_0103_240.jpg

Dinner with the Traveling Grandmothers (that's what I irreverently call Trail Head's colleagues wives --another set altogether, with whom I feel most avante garde), who, in their retirement, have been researching and journeying to foreign countries, collecting passport stamps and five star hotels for recommendation, revealed the latest trends in children's names. Family/airport names used as first names as in MacKensie and Logan, and back to the ghetto names with Bella, Sophie, Max and Rose. The waspier Edna, Florence, Elmer and Irma have not surfaced yet.

A more disturbing trend on the nursery school cubby labels are that all the hyphenated of the seventies, with barely tolerable surnames like Greenstein-Feinstein, are marrying and having little Sophie Greenstein-Feinstein-Goldfarb-McNamaras. Where will this madness end?

Photo note: Some Providence buildings against a blue sky. Absolutely not connectin to the content, just the end of Providence for now.

Posted by Dakota at April 25, 2004 08:22 AM