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April 25, 2004

Real Auras and Clairgustiance


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This is what the gifted aura reader/photographer sees. It could be a little distracting in traffic. It almost makes me glad that I am clairgustiant.

I haven't found a good description of this "gift" on the web yet, so I may be becoming the the cyberauthority before your very eyes, after I describe what it's like. The wonderful part of the gift of clairgustiance is that I can "clear" for others in my Ladies Group and, I am assured by our leader, for the earth .

Here's what I experience when I am being clairgustiant. During a meeting where we will be going full tilt, I will often get terrible heartburn. In fact, I gustianced alot for my Ladies Group on Friday and I have had energetic heartburn all weekend. I first noticed it at dinner Friday night and I thought I had acid reflux. Stuck chi can be very painful.

Heartburn is the least of it. A little clairgusitant checklist by order of appearance:

1. Heartburn, sudden onslaught

2.. The dry cough, a bit light and windy, somehat longer in duration than the usual cough.

3.. The cough from the bottom of the soul, which, (although not as painful), like labor and hot flashes, has that "what-is-happening-in-my-body-that-I-know-I'm-not-initiating quality. Beginning in the root chakra and leaving the body through the throat chakra, it is a volcanic rumble of a cough. It sounds like a man, a man in the end stages of whooping cough. It is also moist, rather than dry, moist like lava. Really, it could scare a girl if she didn't know what was happening.

4. And, most attractive of all, there is gagging. Often a mouthful of flem accompanies this part of the gift, (which we are careful not to swallow) letting us know that we have done a very good job. We always clap the air after a gagging success to break up the energy that has been released, a bit like popping soap bubbles. It's good to take a shower after completing step three or four, but that's not always possible.

Photo note: A pretty little Providence clothing boutique which caters neither to the matron nor the clairgustiant. It was meant as a distraction from the rather unattractive entry.

Addendum May Day: After further discussion with my sweet shaman, I must add two more features to my list of the pleasures of clairgustiance.

5. Taste and Smell. Since I have never experienced either in the clairgustiant state, I can't tell you much more. I'll just bet it's not all lavender and chocolate cake though. My nose is strictly for ornamentation , so even if I do smell clairgustiantly, I am unlikely to do so in this lifetime.

Posted by Dakota at April 25, 2004 06:44 AM