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April 24, 2004



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The street speaks to me again.

Bumper sticker on a dated Toyota:
Come the Rapture
can I have your car?

Bumper sticker on a caravan:
Don't die wondering

License plate in front of me yesterday.
Jan 16 (my mother's birthday)

Photo note: This is an aerial view of Providence from fifteenth floor of the Biltmore. Note the Capital in the far left. The same view that can be enjoyed from the Buddy Cianci Suite . Known fondly as "The Prince of Providence", its beloved mayor,Buddy Cianci lived atop the Biltmore. He moved there after being asked to leave his house for shooting his wife's lover. That last clickie contains his astrological charts, a fascinating web find for a girl who just spent the weekend in wowo immersion.

Posted by Dakota at April 24, 2004 07:53 AM