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April 21, 2004

Scoops with auras


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Another exercise for which I displayed underdeveloped talent in the extreme (you will notice the hopeful, positive tone in this) was the drawing of the aura . The feeling of the aura was equally challenging.

There is a chart for the sensing of the aura and a set of instructions provided in the workshop booklet. Etheric Body: up to 1 inch from the physical body, Astral Body;: up to 5 Inches from the physical body, Mental Body: up to 2 feet from the physical body, Soul Body: up to five feet from the physical body. (in the illustration provided, sorry no scanner) there are two more bodies beyond the Soul Body, the Spiritual Body and the Universal Cosmic Body (no indication is given just how far out that is , I'm assuming a few miles at the very least). The practitioner essentially frisks the subject and then reports to the subject where he or she feels heat, tingling, cold and pressure. Then what? Don't ask. Must be Level II. When searching the net for more information on this subject, guess who I ran into again, the theosophists. etheric body is one of their big items, taken of course from the Hindus.

In any case, I frisked my partner and she frisked me, we shared tingles and warm spots and that was about it. Not unpleasant, not edifying.

Ah...h... h but the drawing of the aura. For this, we needed colored pencils. We worked in groups of three. I was with a social worker/coach from Chicago and a gay dentist from San Diego whose specialty is dental phobia. He is also an international trainer for the Mankind Project .

I can't remember how I drew their auras, but, suffice it to say, I saw nothing and made the whole thing up. I'm sure they both had lovely auras though.

I will share their drawings of me, since I will surely be able to do so and retain my anonymity. The question here is, were they looking at the same person?

Hers showed me with worry in blue wrinkles across my forehead, a big blue throat chakra, with the note "willingness to speak, some things". My heart chakra is warm and "wants to shine through" . My root chakra is red and disconnected and my legs are blue and weary, my hands efficient (my improved typing skills?) Over all is a thin gray film. At least it's thin.

His says "fills the space fully", and he takes up the whole page with his drawing. My third eye is "powerful, experienced and wise" represented by a big black and purple triangle, I have "laughing eyes" and a blue throat chakra labeled "speaking and throat chakra congruence" . Moving right along to my heart chakra "big heart radiating" "sweet emotion" Note: while I was posing for my auraportrait, I was watching a dad feed his baby a cookie on the couch behind us, perhaps thinking to evoke some sweetness in my emissions. Then I have a nice sienna spring from my heart to my crotch labeled "strong integration" and sienna lines down both legs to my feet labeled "solid".

As my friend said, in true Abraham-Hicks form, take the one you like better. Guess which one that is.

Then I thought, maybe they're just drawing different bodies, ie one is a picture of my Astral Body and one is a picture of my Etheric Body. Could be, but I really can't sort out which is which.

Then I thought maybe they made it all up, just like me.

Photo note: In keeping with both the clown theme and the layered theme

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