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April 12, 2004

More Pitbulls Please


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Read or heard somewhere yesterday that newspapers often publish something only once, (like the title of the "memo" Doctor Rice claims to be full of "historicial" information), and then never publish it again, if it doesn't catch the public fancy, like oral sex, for instance. That memo was on the front page of the New York Times several months ago. Oral sex, on the other hand, isn't a very complex issue, or perhaps we have been studying it on the internet more intently than we have our Constitution.

The press is just beginning to do its job again, by pursuing stories relentlessly. This administration lies shamelessly, and then expects that the story will just go away, if they stonewall. Guess what -- it usually does.

By the way, perpetrators count on this kind of behavior from bystanders. It is sooooo much easier to do nothing when witnessing abuse or injustice than to intervene.

I am reminded of the relentless pursuit of sexual abuse coverup in the Catholic Church by the Boston Globe . Those reporters just kept plugging, for years, against massive resistance and obfiscation by church leadership, exposing a small piece at a time, until the full extent of the corruption in the heirarchy became apparent. Patriarchies that are insular breed the abuse of power.

John Dean , no stranger to malevalent presidential coverups, must be cleaning up his karma. He has written a book entitled "Worse Than Watergate" in which he exposes the move toward secrecy in government of The Group that Runs George W. More documents have been classified during this administration than in any other. Public access to records has been blocked, under the guise of protecting an administration "at war". I think they are hoping that we won't notice that they have their hands in the cookie jar containing our social security, our federal school subsidies, our intrastructure, our judicial system, and our Constitution. And, what a surprize, we haven't.

A few weeks ago General Tommy Franks said that our Consititution is out the window, if there is another terrorist attack on the US. Perhaps that's where we're going folks. Who needed that old rag anyway.

Here's another fact that was only published once. Guess who got the federal contract to help preserve the institution of marriage in the US. It was a substantial amount of cash, say 1.5 billion. Halliburton -- the company that is always ready to serve America's needs, here and abroad,

Oops forgot this is supposed to be a photo blog. Grrr...rr..rr

Posted by Dakota at April 12, 2004 06:02 AM