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March 29, 2004

My Abraham-Hicks Discussion and Manifestation Group Meets


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One might think that after spending much of the weekend with my Pesso group, I would have been on group overload. But, no, I definitely had room for one more. Last night, my Abraham-Hicks Discussion and Manifestation Group met for a gala birthday celebration honoring our members -- two in particular, with birthdays in the last week. The Scorpio and the Libra ate cake and blew candle too.

On this special occasion we were invited for an exquisite meal to the charming, wharftop home of our Italian Scorpio. She made scrumptious Zucchini Risotto, before our very eyes, in the midst of major distraction.

Our in-group technowhiz brought along her birthday gift, a tiny, shiny, new silver laptop. This was a present from her paramour. He is most fortunate, because high tech presents warm her heart, and he doesn't have to shop outside his box. This probably would not be true for the rest of us, but we are grateful for her interests. She has programmed a different tune on her cellie for each of her loved ones. She can set up an international conference call on her phone, while simultaneously taking photos, and then email the photos and the powerpoint presentation to missing parties. This is a girl who can read dircections.

I bet you thought I was digressing, well, for once, I'm not. Over a glass of wine, we had an exchange about new learnings and successful manifestations since last we gathered. As the wine flowed, our hostess was lightly questioned about her interest in manifesting a romantic partner. She was not adverse to the idea, so we set about performing our first group manifestation.

Using the sleek silver laptop, we logged onto a legitimate meet-another-person-in-your-age-range-who-might-not-suffer-from-a-major-sexual-perversion site, and began. First we created a handle (required). We all felt an Italian flavor would be important, due to the ethnicity of our hostess, but we wanted to eliminate any stripper overtones. We decided on Angelique -- romantic, spiritual, Italian, not too old-lady-with-black-bubushka . We also conjured a surname of equal brilliance, which I will not reveal here, due to six degrees of separation concerns.

We answered the required survey questions: Latest books read, trying not to intimidate with the truth of deep psychological texts and shamanistic practice handbooks. We decided on the ever popular "DiVinci Code", and Ekhardt Tolle's "The Power of Now", lending a light spiritual flavor. (We will prep her, if necessary, on the DiVinci plot, since she doesn't read nonfiction.) We made up a great list of five things she can't live without including "my view of the harbor" (see photo, and that's only her back porch vista) and "silk...... " (subtle, sensuous, suggestive). I could go on and on.

We took her photo using the embedded, laptop camera, coquettishly posed in front of an earlier photo of herself, with enough body to show her slenderness. (All these guys want someone who weighs 100 to 120 lbs. They have no idea what real women over five feet weigh).

All the while, she was making the risotto. Our Angelique is a real multitasker. Or, to quote someone in another group of mine "she has her beaters in both bowls". At last, having honed an amusing but truthful profile, we submitted, and sat down to dinner.

Over dessert, which I shant describe, except to say that its only redeeming, nutritional value was the fruit flavor (as in, not chocolate), we plucked a few men from the tree of possiblity. There were several "hot picks". Number one, age 69, fluffy white hair, retired investment banker who had recently read a book about Islam, practiced yoga and had a bedroom with a view. Another strawberry blonde, engineer, won our hearts with his "Where do you rather be?" answer - "Here, now".

So, after spending at least two hours filling in blanks, (mind you, there were four of us working on this), we were abruptly confronted with the fact that a payment was required in order to write a note to a possibility. Noone would stop now, would they? There was, of course, an introductory offer, twenty five responses for $25.00. Since we are an Abraham group, and we allow abundance, money is no object, and we all pitched in to buy twenty five chances for perfect partnerhood.

We crafted a sincere note to our investment yoga, inquiring more specifically about his practice, while expressing interest in his reading selection. Light, breezy, authentic, you know, the works. Our technowhiz who is the only one of us who has utilized the internet for purposes of seduction, did the final editing and pushed the button on our first group project.

If this works, we plan to hire ourselves out as a team. Did I mention that we laughed, and laughed.

They asked me if I would blog about this. How could I disappoint them?

Photo note: This is the view Angelique cannot live without. The sun rises upon this scene each morning. If I lived there, I would be on the balcony every morning wasting electrons with my camera, not my blog.

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