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March 06, 2004

Journey to the Wild Divine


As it happens I am not out of Mexico material. A generous fellow participant kindly brought her laptop along into the sand and salty air, so that we could play with her new acquisition. It was a game, but a game involving the production of theta brainwaves, one of my persistant passions.

The game is called The Journey to the Wild Divine. Jean Houston had a good deal to do with its creation. The same Jean who worked with Hilary Clinton to envision Eleanor Roosevelt, and got creamed for it.

I was the first of the seminar participants to try the Wild Divine, given my penchant for machines that do wonderful things for you. I hung out playing, past politeness, after lights out, I was so enchanted.

Here's what happens, should you care to try. First you plug in earphones and attach sensors to three of your fingers. Then, Sophia, the goddess of wisdom, in lovely red robes, (that might be Jean, but the image is tiny) accompanied by lyrical music, takes you on a stroll through her magnificent gardens, with stops along the way where you can try your hand, rather, your nerve endings, at juggling, levitation, pinwheel spinning and the like. It is biofeedback at its beautiful best. Luxury Elmer Green .

I must admit, that evening my allergy to the mold on the thatch in the rain, affected my deep breathing, so Sophia's encouragement to concentrate on breathing as a relaxation technique made me tense. As a result, it took me awhile to get things going. I can't wait to try the game in the desert of central heating in winter.

Guys, this is really fun, it's good for you, your soul and your body, and it's for sale at $129 . In my case I might have to buy a used laptop upon which to run it. Then I could take it with me to all my activities, show it to my friends, and play it in the car when I'm stuck in traffic.

Photo note: The jaguar is found in the Yucatan peninsula, and it is a totem animal there. This is the only jaguar I saw while visiting. It lived on a sling chair on the beach. I'll post that photo soon.

Posted by Dakota at March 6, 2004 10:16 PM