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January 04, 2004

organ recital


When friends over sixty get together we often talk about our bodies, and their failings. My friend last evening called it an organ recital.

Well, I am in fascial seizure, have been since yesterday, especially at the parties. Fascial seizure (I just made up that name) feels like wearing a tight, thin latex wet suit to which you are slightly allergic. It doesn't fit exactly, and the latex is rubbing against your skin, causing an irritated rash, catchiing the tiny hairs all over your body and pulling them out. Two out of every three cells in your body are experiencing this sensation simultaneously. Goodness, I could be the Frida Kalo of the blog world, describing my pain.

My Psychotic Aspect says: It's really not that bad. There are plenty of more terrible things that could be happening. Don't pay any attention to it.

My Higher Self replies, trying to keep the sarcasm to a minimum,"I think we've given denial a pretty good try for the last sixty years, why don't we try something else."

Esther Hicks, channeling Abraham, would tell me to focus on something else, don't attract any more pain. Then she would relent, and say "Well, if you REALLY, really must pay attention to it, try to get to a better place about the pain.

Spiritual interpretation: I called up alot of information/energy yesterday, because I was so relieved to have it back. However, I stopped working abruptly. The energy I had called couldn't slow down fast enough. It met some body resistance as a result.

Medical Interpretions: I had hepatitus A and B, typhoid and tetanus shots Friday, and I am having a reaction.
I have diabetes
I had too much sugar and starch yesterday and it's causing an elevated blood sugar.

I met a woman at party yesterday who told me about healing her hip with energy. This is the second time The Center for Integrated Manual Therapy in Bloomfield, CT has come to my attention. The Center is just opening a branch in the town right next to mine. If you thought you were being guided, I know you would go too.

I can be grateful that my body is signaling me in a way that motivates me to work, doesn't scare me half to death, and allows me enough, painfree, to be able to think. Esther Hicks, channeling Abraham, would say, "Good, you have the information, now get your hand off the hot stove". I do not/cannot take my hand off the stove because I can't quite see it.

Association and Pay Dirt: Alix Taylor is quite taken by St. Theresa of Avila in her book, "A Door Ajar" I think she takes St Theresa's writings with her on a seven year desert retreat, but I'm not that far along in the book. Got the notion that I should google St. T. This is what St. Theresa of Avila has to say.(tell me, is this about my problem?)"[St. Theresa describes a mystical rapture.] [I]ts initial pain is so great that I know of no physical torture which can drown it. There is no relief to be found in these medicines; they are quite inadequate for so sublime an ill. A certain alleviation of the pain is possible, which may cause some of it to pass away, if the soul begs God to grant it relief from its ill, though it sees none save death, by means of which it believes it can have complete fruition of its Good. At other times the impulses are so strong that the soul is unable to do either this or anything else. The entire body contracts and neither arm nor foot can be moved. If the subject is on his feet, he remains as though transported and cannot even breathe: all he does is to moan -- not aloud, for that is impossible, but inwardly, out of pain." I don't know if I go that far, but the contraction part really resonates.

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